Ready to become more versed in Permaculture?


 August 25th and 26th

Instructors:  Bridget Paule and Cindee Karns

Join us as we build a

cold climate version
(with sawdust insulation),
(with clay, not concrete)

cordwood sauna 


Do you want more direction in permaculture, but you don't want a full course?

 We are opening the course up for anyone to join in on any class!  

Sponsored by the Anchorage Community House


January - May 2019

So often Alaskans don't want to spend their summer learning.  We've got things to do: freezers to pack, mountains to hike.  Or we can't afford to come to the big city for a face to face course.  

If you are that person, this is the option for you.  You will be in a small co-hort of learners from Alaska (or other arctic countries) and will learn together and from each other. (more than 6, not more than 12) 

This is the most individualized of all of the courses.  It is also the most intensive.  It is like taking 2 college courses. The instructor(s) will give you very individual attention, writing comments and offering feedback.   

The best thing about this option is that we build lasting relationships that often times last long after the course is finished.

Plus, it's really nice to do this in the comfort of your own home with lots of time to think!  

Hope you will join us.  


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