Our mission is to provide high quality cold climate permaculture courses for all Alaskans.


We offer Permaculture Design Certificates (PDC) to those who complete a 72+ hour Permaculture Design Course taught by Certified Alaskan Teachers. Occasionally we will offer introductory classes, seminars and workshops as well.

Graduates of ACCPI courses will receive an ACCPI Permaculture Certificate and will be eligible for 50% off future ACCPI courses when there is room.  ACCPI is also currently accepting new candidates for Permaculture Instructors. If you would like to be considered, please contact Cindee at:  cindee@alaskapermaculture.com

Cindee Karns, M.Ed.

ACCPI Co-Founder, Instructor 2010 PDC graduate, 2012 PDC Teacher Certification

 Cindee lives in and teaches workshops at the only Bioshelter in the state, an awarding winning home that recycles all of its water and waste.  She has certified over 50 Alaskans in Permaculture Design by teaching many Permaculture Design Courses with some of the top Permaculture Instructors in the nation.  She is working on her national permaculture certificate through Permaculture Institute of North America.  

Cindee grew up in Fairbanks and married the kid down the street.  Together Curt and Cindee have lived and gardened in Wrangell, Alaska; North Pole, Alaska and now in SouthCentral—all very different places in the same state.  She’s a retired 8th grade teacher, who enjoys designing, starting new projects,  and spending—whatever time is left over—-reading on the rocket mass heater bench in the greenhouse.  


Jennifer Miller, Instructor


2015 PDC graduate, 2017 PDC Teacher Certification


Jennifer Sharrock is the newest addition to the Alaskan Permaculture Teaching Team. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management from the University of Denver, Jennifer pursued her passion for the environment by becoming a Master Gardener and volunteering throughout South Central Alaska in sustainable agriculture practices. Jennifer completed the Permaculture Design Certification in 2016 and continued on to obtain the Advanced Teaching Certification in Permaculture in 2017.

Jennifer is the owner of Seeds and Soil-Organics based out of Palmer. Seeds and Soil provides Permaculture based gardening courses, Permaculture Design and Environmental Consulting.

When she is not busy with everything Permaculture, Jennifer can be found working on a 2 acre homestead for which she shares with her husband and young daughter. Jennifer has a passion for the environment, empowering individuals to be self sufficient by growing their own organic food.


ACCPI is affiliated with the Permaculture Institute of North America.

PINA is a professional organization that encourages their teachers to continue life long learning and work within the community of Permaculture.

When you choose an ACCPI course, you know you will be getting a quality education.


Liz Holmgren, 2010 PDC graduate  

 Leslie Patrick, 2010 PDC graduate  

Terri Brown, 2010 PDC graduate and co-founder  

Louise Fode, 2013 PDC graduate  

Jerami Marsh, 2014 PDC graduate
Ann Kaiser, 2019 PDC graduate