Online Permaculture Design Course (PDC) —2018


This is an on-line version of the Alaska Cold Climate Permaculture Design Course, modeled on the original by Bill Mollison, that is for anyone interested in gaining practical skills and perspective for sustainable living in Alaska. During this course, you will gain an understanding of permaculture theory, increasing your abilities in necessary skills and knowledge to become fully able to design Permaculture systems. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate from the Alaska Cold Climate Permaculture Institute


 Course subjects will include:

  • Permaculture Ethics and Principles
  • Food Forests and Agroforestry
  • Plant Guilds
  • Cold Climate Gardening Strategies
  • Catching, Storing, Using, Rainwater and Greywater
  • Integrating Animals into Systems
  • Site Analysis and Sector Assessment
  • Site Design:  Methodologies and Process
  • Siting and Integration of Buildings with the Environment
  • Patterns in Nature and Pattern Application
  • Observation:  Reading the Landscape
  • Climates and Microclimates
  • Swale Building
  • Whole system Integrative Design
  • Soil Building
  • Natural Building and Renewable Energy
  • Social Sustainability
  • Community Economics, Alternative Currency, and Bartering Systems

Hands On Projects may include:

  • Building a Pocket Rocket  Stove
  • Sheet mulching/Soil building
  • Seed Ball making
  • A Frame/ Bunyip Construction and Application
  • Swale Building
  • Compost Tea Brewing
  • Culturing Indigenous Microorganisms
  • Aquaponics System Construction

Course Format and Participation Requirements

This course is offered online, for Alaskans/Canadians who are not able to travel to an in-residence course.  It is VERY intense and requires a lot of work because there aren’t groups to work with.  You have to do it alone.  One the other hand, many graduates of the on-line version of the course believe they learned it better because of that.  Getting behind can be a major problem in an on-line course. If for some reason you cannot be at a computer to complete your weekly tasks, you must contact the instructor as soon as possible.

Participation Students should be posting comments at least three times a weekChecking in every day is preferable so you don’t fall behind. I would block out 1-2 hours a day for this course—of course which part of the day is totally up to you.

I find it best when I treat it as a time after the day is over to connect with my Permaculture Friends.  I pour a cup of tea and plug in some music and get ready to be amazed.

For the purposes of this course, the week is over at midnight on Wednesday night.  The new week begins on Thursday morning. 🙂" target="_blank">"/>   Let’s check in every Monday morning so I know you aren’t sleeping in your chairs.  To do that you’ll just need to start that week’s reading/viewing or lecture.